New York State Alerts New Yorkers of Temporary Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Outage on Sunday, May 19, for System Updates EBT (2024)

May 15, 2024


EBT Cardholders Are Urged to Plan Ahead as Benefits Will Be Unavailable for a Period of Time Early Sunday Morning

The New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) is alerting New York Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cardholders that their benefits will be temporarily unavailable while a system change is made this Sunday, May 19, 2024, between 12:01 a.m. and approximately 11 a.m.

This temporary interruption in services is necessary as New York's EBT system will be changing over to a new contractor. The actual outage may be shorter or last longer than expected. Check or call the EBT customer service helpline, 1-888-328-6399, on May 19 to find out when the EBT system is back up and running.

“Millions of New Yorkers depend on these vital benefits to help support their families, and OTDA is working to expedite the EBT system change to minimize the impact on affected recipients,” said OTDA Acting Commissioner Barbara C. Guinn. “I urge all EBT cardholders to do their shopping and make cash withdrawals ahead of time, so they will not be inconvenienced during this brief switch over.”

Cardholder access to EBT, including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Temporary Assistance benefits, will not be available during this period of time. This includes access for food and cash purchases or cash withdrawals, as well as access to the EBT toll-free customer service helpline, mobile app, and client portal.

OTDA has worked closely with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, local social services districts, retailers and merchants, and other leaders and human services advocates to make sure as many people as possible affected by the changeover are aware of the EBT system downtime and to assure a smooth transition and reduce potential issues for recipients.

After the transition is complete, cardholders will be able to use their same EBT card and PIN. A new card will not be needed. The EBT customer service helpline, 1-888-328-6399, will remain the same after the transition. As a reminder, cardholders are encouraged to change their PIN often as a way to reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions and benefit theft.

What is changing?

Following this transition, the current online client portal will no longer be in use for EBT cardholders. Cardholders will need to download or access the new ebtEDGE app and client portal, which will allow cardholders to check transactions and deposits, freeze and unfreeze their card, and change their PIN. Information on the new ebtEDGE app and website will be posted on and

The client portal and mobile app change will not affect EBT cardholders' ability to make purchases. Once the EBT system is back up, cardholders will be able to resume making purchases and cash withdrawals immediately.

Who is affected?

This temporary system outage on May 19 only affects New York EBT cardholders. EBT cardholders from other states will not be affected and will be able to use their EBT card in New York without interruption.

Why is OTDA changing EBT vendors?

The EBT contract conversion is required in accordance with State Finance Law procurement rules because the contract with the existing vendor is expiring and no further contract extensions are available. OTDA engaged in a competitive procurement process to retain a new vendor.

Why do the conversion on this Sunday?

May 19 was selected because EBT historical transaction data shows that the third weekend of the month has the lightest transaction volume.

Where can EBT Cardholders find more information?

Visit and for information about the EBT conversion, including updates on the period of downtime, as well as steps cardholders will need to take to access EBT account information through the new vendor's mobile app and online client portal.

Efforts to notify EBT cardholders of the upcoming system change have included messages on the OTDA and myBenefits websites, OTDA emails to users of the current client portal and mobile app, messaging on the OTDA hotline and EBT customer service helpline, NYC Department of Social Services emails to recipients who use the ACESS HRA mobile app, alerts to local social services districts, USDA alerts to retailers, social media outreach, and OTDA notifications to 311, 211, and other emergency networks.

While the system is down on May 19, the EBT cardholder helpline, 1-888-328-6399, will not be available.

Once the conversion is complete and cards can be used again, OTDA will post messages saying the system is available for use on,, and

New York State Alerts New Yorkers of Temporary Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Outage on Sunday, May 19, for System Updates  EBT (2024)


New York State Alerts New Yorkers of Temporary Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Outage on Sunday, May 19, for System Updates EBT? ›

The New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance

New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance
The Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) is responsible for supervising programs that provide assistance and support to eligible families and individuals. › about
(OTDA) is alerting New York Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cardholders that their benefits will be temporarily unavailable while a system change is made this Sunday, May 19, 2024, between 12:01 a.m. and approximately 11 a.m.

Is NY still giving extra SNAP benefits? ›

The omnibus bill passed by Congress in December 2022 requires that all states end SNAP EA distributions in February 2023. As a result, all SNAP recipients in NYS will receive their regular SNAP benefit amount in March 2023, without the added allotment.

How much is emergency food stamps in NY? ›

Beginning April 2021, all households receiving SNAP benefits will receive at least $95 per month in supplemental EA SNAP benefits. This includes households already receiving the maximum SNAP benefit amount for their household size, and households that are eligible for a monthly supplement of less than $95.

Can I still use my EBT card if my case is closed NYC? ›

You do not need to use your SNAP benefits every month to qualify. Your SNAP benefits do not expire at the end of each month. If your SNAP case is closed for some reason, you still have the right to use any remaining benefits in your EBT account before the case is closed.

How long does it take to get expedited SNAP benefits near New York NY? ›

Expedited processing allows eligible people to get SNAP benefits within 7 days. Every applicant can get a same day interview if they choose by calling 718-SNAP-NOW (718-762-7669).

Can I get emergency food stamps the same day NYC? ›

If you meet the eligibility guidelines you may receive them as soon as the day after you apply. √ If you have little or no income for the month you may be eligible for next day food stamps.

How do I check the status of my SNAP benefits in NY? ›

The toll-free number 1-888-328-6399 - is available in Arabic, Chinese, English, Haitian-Creole, Italian, Korean, Russian, and Spanish to recipients 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. You may use the helpline to: Check your SNAP or cash account balance information. Hear your last ten transactions.

What is the $420 food benefit card in NYC? ›

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, families of children eligible for free or reduced-price lunch in NYC's in public schools and private schools are eligible for Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) food benefits. The total benefit amount is $420 for each eligible child.

Is NY giving EBT in 2024? ›

Beginning in Summer 2024, families will receive $120 per eligible child on an EBT food benefit card. These benefits, combined with other federal nutrition programs including SNAP, WIC, and summer meal sites, help ensure children's access to healthy food while school is out.

Who is eligible for cash assistance in NY? ›

Who is eligible for New York Temporary Assistance? To be eligible for New York Temporary Assistance, you must be a resident of New York, and a U.S. citizen, legal alien or qualified alien. You must be unemployed or underemployed and have low or very low income.

What is the highest income to qualify for SNAP? ›

SNAP Income Limits—Oct. 1, 2023 through Sept. 30, 2024
Household SizeGross monthly income (130% of poverty)Net monthly income (100% of poverty)
1 more row

How much money can you have in the bank and still get food stamps in NY? ›

You also need to meet one of the following requirements: You have a current bank balance (savings and checking combined) under 2,001 dollars. You have a current bank balance (savings and checking combined) under 3,001 dollars and share your household with a person 60 or over or with a relative with a disability.

What time do SNAP benefits get deposited in NY? ›

According to an article on, SNAP benefits and cash benefits are typically deposited onto your EBT card between midnight and 8 a.m. on the designated deposit date.

Do you have to pay back food stamps in NY? ›

If the official decides the SNAP office is right, you will have to repay the value of any SNAP benefits you did not have a right to get.

How to withdraw cash from EBT card NY? ›

Cash benefits may also be accessed at participating ATM and authorized retail store locations. Your EBT card and Personal Identification Number (PIN) are used at authorized retail stores when accessing your cash or SNAP benefits. Many retail stores also provide cash back with your purchase.

Can illegal immigrants get food stamps in NY? ›

Undocumented immigrants cannot get most state and federal public benefits, but these benefits are still available to their citizen children. For example, if you are an undocumented immigrant, you are not eligible for Food Stamps, but you can apply for Food Stamps for your citizen children.

How much do you get for one person on SNAP? ›

SNAP Benefit Calculation for Individuals

Maximum Monthly Benefit: In the fiscal year 2024, the maximum monthly SNAP benefit for a single-person household is $291. This amount is the upper limit and is designed to meet the nutritional needs as defined by the USDA's Thrifty Food Plan.

Can seniors get food stamps in NY? ›

SNAP helps low-income working people, senior citizens, the disabled and others feed their families.

How long does it take to get approved for food stamps in NY? ›

It normally takes 30 days for your Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program application to be processed. However, if you qualify for expedited processing and are eligible for benefits, you may receive emergency benefits within five days.

Is New York getting extra food stamps? ›

Overview. Beginning in 2024, New York State will launch Summer EBT, a new program that provides low-income families with food benefits to help cover the cost of groceries when school is out of session. Summer is the time when many children lose access to free meals they get at school.

Do New York SNAP benefits expire? ›

Any SNAP benefits in your SNAP Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) account at the end of the month will be carried over into the next month. However, if you do not use your SNAP benefits at all for 9 months, then they will be permanently removed from your account.

What is the maximum SNAP benefits in NY? ›

In New York, a single individual, with earned income who is not elderly or disabled, can qualify for SNAP benefits if they make less than $1,823 a month or $21,876 per year. The maximum allotment in New York for a single individual is $291 or $9.70 per day.

Is New York getting summer EBT? ›

In summer 2024, New York will launch Summer EBT/SUN Bucks, a new grocery benefits program that provides families $120 for each eligible school-aged child to buy groceries when school is out.

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