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Table of Contents

    • What is Brimstone?
    • What is Brimstone used for?
    • Where can it be found?
  • The Exiled Lands
    • Gallaman's Tomb - Map Square H4
    • Sinner's Refuge - Map Square G4
    • Executioner's Entrance - Map Square I6
    • Buccaneer Bay (Underwater) - Map Square N8
    • Shattered Springs - Map Square B8
  • Isle of Siptah
    • The Fractured Citadel - Map Square F5
    • The Barrens - Map Square H10
    • Volary of Jhil - Map Square F11
    • Leyshrine of the Fiends - Map Square J9
    • Eastlight - Map Square J4
  • FAQ's
    • Question: What is Brimstone?
    • Question: Is Brimstone truly that useful? I haven't yet encountered anything I need it for.
    • Question: Why does it seem so much harder to acquire Brimstone on the Isle of Siptah, compared to The Exiled Lands?
  • Conclusion

Brimstone can be pretty tricky to attain. These yellow crystals are a critical part of the mid to late game of Conan Exiles, used heavily in crafting some of the most important resources you’ll need for either PvE or PvP. Acquiring Brimstone can be an arduous task, but it can be made much easier by knowing the best places to look. Today, I’ll be helping you find the best locations for farming up tonnes of Brimstone, so you’ll never again have to struggle.

What is Brimstone?

Brimstone is a yellow crystal-like substance that can be found in multiple areas around The Exiled Lands and the Isle of Siptah. It has plenty of uses, and many of them become more common as you get further into the game. Brimstone is often found in fairly dangerous locations, often guarded by aggressive enemies who you’ll have to fight through to be able to mine these crystals. They can also be found underwater in certain areas, though we’ll get to that shortly.

What is Brimstone used for?

Brimstone is used for a wide variety of applications in Conan Exiles. It is used for crafting various alchemical products like Dragonpowder, which is essential for crafting Explosive Arrows, Jars and Traps in a PvP setting. Its also used for crafting a few different dyes and decoration items, but perhaps most importantly, Brimstone is used in the creation of two essential mid-game and end-game resources. Firstly, Brimstone is mixed with Tar to create Steelfire, a smelting component that allows the transformation of Iron into Steel, an essential step in upgrading your tools, weapons, and armour.

In the late game, Brimstone is also combined with Black Ice and Star Metal Ore to allow the creation of Star Metal Bars, one of the best high-end options for making weapons, tools, and armour. There are alternative ways to acquire both Steel and Star Metal, but crafting it as intended is by far the most efficient way to attain these essential resources. Brimstone deposits are best harvested using a Pick, and also give small amounts of salt, which can be useful for crafting Jerky or other foods.

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Conan Exiles Brimstone Locations - Conan Fanatics (3)

Where can it be found?

Aside from Brimstone resource nodes, which we’ll cover shortly, Brimstone can also be attained by slaying certain enemies and monsters. Human enemies drop very small quantities of Brimstone, but this isn’t worth even considering, as the time it would take to kill enough enemies to meet your needs would be better spent acquiring much more Brimstone in a more traditionally intended way. Brimstone can also be dropped by Brimstone Rocknoses and Skeleton Serpentmen. The drops from these enemies are slightly more reliable, and whilst they shouldn’t be used as a primary farming method, they can help supplement a supply run to help fill up your inventory.

Alongside these enemies, Brimstone deposits can be found scattered around the desert of The Exiled Lands and throughout the Isle of Siptah in small quantities, though the infrequency of these nodes makes them not worth mentioning. I would recommend grabbing one or two of these nodes if you happen to be passing by, but don’t go out of the way for what is ultimately an insignificant amount of Brimstone. When you’re out looking for Brimstone, it will appear in one of two ways depending on the area you find them in.

In some areas, the resource will appear as black, or brown and yellow stalagmites that stand a bit taller than the player character. This is perhaps the easiest way to spot Brimstone, as its unique appearance makes it stand out. However, in other areas, it will appear as a bright yellow, smooth cluster of rock. The latter can quite easily blend in with other rocks and thus it’s possible to miss this Brimstone, however, its shine and differing texture should make it easy enough to spot with a little practice.

So, with that being said, where exactly can you find Brimstone? Here are some of the best Conan Exiles Brimstone locations to farm this resource efficiently:

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The Exiled Lands

Gallaman’s Tomb – Map Square H4

Conan Exiles Brimstone Locations - Conan Fanatics (4)

Gallaman’s Tomb is located in the southern Desert and is pretty easy to reach from the southern river. Located west of Cannibal’s Rest and east of The Sentinels, this tomb is accessed through a large cave opening and contains two caverns filled with crocodiles, which you’ll have to kill to get to the plentiful Brimstone within. The last cavern contains a Giant Crocodile, something that may be a challenge for lower levelled players, so you might want to avoid combat with this enemy. Gallaman’s Tomb offers quite a bit of Brimstone in an easily accessible location, and it’s not too far from Sinner’s Refuge, another great location for Brimstone.

Sinner’s Refuge – Map Square G4

Conan Exiles Brimstone Locations - Conan Fanatics (5)

Sinner’s Refuge is another cave in the southern desert, located just west of Gallaman’s Tomb. This cave is accessed through a massive opening that is pretty hard to miss, given how much it stands out from the rest of the area. Within the Refuge is a small cavern, and it is inhabited by the Exiles, a low-level group of NPCs that you’ll have to fight through to access the Brimstone within. Compared to the crocodiles in Gallaman’s Tomb, these Exiles may give you a little more of a challenge, and it’s much easier to get outnumbered & overwhelmed by them. whilst the cave itself may be harder to clear than Gallaman’s Tomb, there is an upside to this challenge.

The cave can contain archers, fighters, armourers, smelters and plenty more, ranging between Tier 1 and Tier 3, and has the chance to spawn one or more of numerous named NPCs. This can make attaining decent thralls much easier, especially in the mid-game where thralls start to become more important to the efficiency of your base. Sinner’s Refuge is a decent source of Brimstone and has the bonus of thralls and enemy loot. Due to its proximity to Gallaman’s Tomb, I’d recommend running both of these spots together, as you’ll ultimately end up with much more Brimstone than if you just clear one or the other.

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Executioner’s Entrance – Map Square I6

Conan Exiles Brimstone Locations - Conan Fanatics (6)

Executioner’s Entrance is an entrance to a two-sided cavern, with the other side sitting below Deathwhisper Ruins. It’s inhabited by Spiders, Skeletal Serpentmen and regular Skeletons, and is also home to The Executioner, a massive Skeleton Serpentman world boss. This cavern can be particularly dangerous due to its resident monsters, and it’s quite easy to get cornered, overwhelmed and ultimately killed. However, if you can manage to fight through the throngs of enemies, you’ll find yourself rewarded here.

Executioner’s Entrance contains 3 large loot chests and lots of Ironstone & Brimstone resource nodes. These resources are invaluable to any Exile looking to improve their gear, though the cavern will provide quite the challenge. You’ll of course also get enemy drops like Gossamer and Ichor if you want to harvest them, alongside anything you manage to pull from the loot chests. If you’re a lower levelled player, I would suggest avoiding over-committing yourself in this cavern, and avoiding The Executioner world boss is probably a good idea until you’re a bit more comfortable fighting off massive skeletal serpents. That being said, Executioner’s Entrance is a pretty good source of many valuable materials, and it’s certainly worth considering for your Brimstone needs.

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Buccaneer Bay (Underwater) – Map Square N8

Conan Exiles Brimstone Locations - Conan Fanatics (7)

The Buccaneer Bay is a pretty large Black Hand settlement on the far north-east side of the map. In the mid to late game, it’s a very useful location as it includes plenty of sought-after resources like mushrooms, thralls, a legendary chest, and a total of 14 treasure chests underwater. Beneath the tide, you’ll also find plentiful Brimstone in the form of stalagmites that let off bubbles, making them fairly easy to locate. The downside of this location is, of course, the distance. Unless you’re already based in the northern Jungle, getting to Buccaneer Bay is going to be a pretty troublesome task, and the time spent travelling may be better spent farming another spot.

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There are also plenty of enemies around this area that could prove problematic. There are three Black Hand camps in the area, alongside wandering pirates, crocodiles, jungle birds, and a Giant Crocodile mini-boss. Buccaneer Bay is one of the most lucrative locations in the game in terms of resource worth and diversity, and it offers plenty of Brimstone to boot, though its danger and distance from the more comfortable locations in the game could make it a less than desirable option for farming consistently.

Shattered Springs – Map Square B8

Conan Exiles Brimstone Locations - Conan Fanatics (8)

Our final spot, and my personal favourite, is the Shattered Springs. This area is located in the far western desert and isn’t too far from the obelisk near Klael’s Stronghold. There is a slight barrier to entry here, in that the area is coated with toxic fog. This fog inflicts a slowly stacking debuff damage that starts weak but can quickly become overwhelming, meaning you’re sure to meet a quick demise if you’re not prepared. Fortunately, this can be negated by wearing a Sandstorm Breathing Mask, Setite Mask, or any other mask that blocks the negative effects of the Sandstorm. This may reduce your overall armour slightly, but it’s not much of a sacrifice for the gain you’ll make.

Shattered Springs contains tonnes of Sulphur Pillars that, when harvested, give you plenty of Brimstone. There are also Crystal and Brimstone rocknoses in the area that will drop their respective namesake resource when you kill & harvest them, so they’re nice for topping off your harvest when you’re almost done. The northern side of The Shattered Springs is the home of a pretty nasty world boss that will likely stomp you into the ground if you’re not well prepared, and of course, that world boss is also flanked by more rocknoses. However, realistically speaking, you can get more than enough Brimstone from the southern side of the Springs without ever having to risk awakening the world boss, so it shouldn’t be too much of a concern.

Isle of Siptah

The Fractured Citadel – Map Square F5

Conan Exiles Brimstone Locations - Conan Fanatics (9)

The Fractured Citadel is a huge temple-like complex located in The Ashlands of the Isle of Siptah and is surrounded pretty densely by Brimstone deposits in the form of Stalagmites. This area is dark and imposing, and being in the far south, it can make it quite a journey to reach depending on where you’re based. This spot is not recommended at all for low-level players, as The Citadel is swarming with all sorts of enemies. Humans, deformed monstrosities and even Eldritch abominations, The Citadel is not the most welcoming of locations, and it’ll prove challenging for low levelled players. However, if you’re in a fairly comfortable place in terms of your proficiency with combat and your gear, The Fractured Citadel provides plenty of Brimstone along with the potential of the enemy loot and treasures chests located inside The Citadel, if you dare to enter.

The Barrens – Map Square H10

Conan Exiles Brimstone Locations - Conan Fanatics (10)

Much like The Fractured Citadel, The Barrens is a location fraught with the deadly combination of danger and reward. Located in the ditch surrounding The Tower right at the centre of the Isle, The Barrens is a large open area with a decent amount of Brimstone, Black Ice and Iron, and is surrounded on the outer edge by Dry Wood. It is also a decent place for acquiring Star Metal when it falls. However, the Isle gets increasingly more dangerous the closer you get to the tower, especially when the Maelstrom is overhead. The Barrens already have its fair share of aggressive enemies, but when the Maelstorm is active, this area will be swarming with Lovecraftian monsters of all shapes and descriptions. The Barrens is a decent spot for a variety of important resources, but be mindful of when you visit, as getting caught out by the horrors of the Maelstorm is a one-way ticket to the respawn screen, especially if you’re a lower levelled player.

Volary of Jhil – Map Square F11

Conan Exiles Brimstone Locations - Conan Fanatics (11)

The Volary of Jhil is an Elder Vault on the northwest side of the Isle of Siptah and contains Brimstone deposits on the exterior. The area around the entrance to the vault is watched over by Birdmen, also known as Children of Jhil. These bird-human hybrids can be troublesome if you’ve never fought them before, but a mid to high-level player shouldn’t have too much trouble seeing them off. They also drop Demon Blood, which is a nice bonus. There are a few deposits of Brimstone surrounding the vault, with even more in the valley just east of the Vault. This spot is decent for acquiring Brimstone, and if you’re a lower levelled player, you could quite easily only harvest the deposits in the eastern valley for a much safer farming trip.

Leyshrine of the Fiends – Map Square J9

Conan Exiles Brimstone Locations - Conan Fanatics (12)

The Leyshrine of the Fiends is located a straight shot east of the central tower and is a leyshrine that has been taken over by humanoid NPCs. The area immediately surrounding the Leyshrine contains an okay amount of Brimstone deposits, and providing you can fight off the NPCs, you’ll have easy access to the nodes. As an extra benefit, the sand ditch to the east of the Leyshrine has even more Brimstone deposits, offering a similar approach to The Volary of Jhil. Mid to high-level players can easily take advantage of all deposits in the area, whereas lower levelled players can harvest the nodes in the ditch quite comfortable without too much worry.

Eastlight – Map Square J4

Conan Exiles Brimstone Locations - Conan Fanatics (13)

Finally, Eastlight provides access to plenty of Brimstone deposits beneath the waves. The main cluster is located roughly in the middle between Eastlight and Westlight, two beacons that illuminate the southern inlet of the Savannah. Each beacon itself is patrolled by The Grey Ones, which can be fairly troublesome opponents for the uninitiated. However, you could probably find a fairly easy path around through the Savannah without having to fight through them, leaving you full reign to simply swim out into the bay and fill your pockets with Brimstone. Unlike Buccaneer Bay, the nodes here don’t let off bubbles, and instead, take the form of bright yellow smooth rocks. These are incredibly easy to see, even from a distance, and that should make farming this area much easier. The downside is that this location is pretty deep into the Savannah, an otherwise quite hostile environment, and the area does have performance issues on lower-end systems that might make combat and exploration in this biome difficult. However, if you’re comfortable here and you have a good enough PC to negate the frame drops in this biome, this can make for quite a comfortable farming spot for Brimstone.


Question: What is Brimstone?

Answer:Brimstone is one of the most sought after alchemical components due its application in a wide variety of concoctions. Searing fumes make collecting it a difficult task and the bleached bones of those who did not adequately prepare serve as a grisly warning to others.

Question: Is Brimstone truly that useful? I haven’t yet encountered anything I need it for.

Answer: Absolutely. Even if you’re playing PvE or Single Player, where the need for explosive items and high-end weaponry might not be as pressing, access to Brimstone is a critical part of the Conan Exiles progression. Without Brimstone, you’ll never be able to make Steel, and thus you’ll never be able to build any of the wonder Tier 3 structures. You’ll be stuck in the Iron Age forever, and I’ll tell you from experience, that is not a fun experience at all.

Question: Why does it seem so much harder to acquire Brimstone on the Isle of Siptah, compared to The Exiled Lands?

Answer: That because, in my experience, it is. I don’t have anywhere near as much time playing on Siptah as I do the Exiled Lands, but some resources on the map are just generally harder to come by. That being said, there are plenty of Brimstone deposits to tide you over in the locations shown here, and if you’re looking for smaller deposits closer to your base, I highly recommend this resource map.


Brimstone is one of the many resources in Conan Exiles that becomes increasingly important as you progress in the game, and if you’re a new or returning player, it can seem quite elusive. However, with the information provided in this guide, you should hopefully have all of the information you need to make sure you have plenty of this stinking, sulphurous crystal to fuel your building, combat and farming needs. Grab your pick and mount your horse Exile, there’s Brimstone out there just begging to be harvested!

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Conan Exiles Brimstone Locations - Conan Fanatics (2024)


Conan Exiles Brimstone Locations - Conan Fanatics? ›

Gallaman's Tomb in the Exiled Lands is a suggested place for productive Brimstone farming. H4 at this location on the map Always remember that Brimstone is not exclusive to one location and can be found elsewhere.

Where is the best place to find brimstone in Conan exile? ›

Gallaman's Tomb in the Exiled Lands is a suggested place for productive Brimstone farming. H4 at this location on the map Always remember that Brimstone is not exclusive to one location and can be found elsewhere.

What is brimstone used for in Conan exile? ›

Brimstone is a rarer resource that can either be mined from yellow rocks found in caves, or it can be dropped by harvesting the body of a dead Rocknose. Brimstone is used in the Firebowl Cauldron along with Tar to create Steelfire.

What is oil used for in Conan Exiles? ›

In the world of Conan Exiles, this viscous liquid is highly valued and is used in so many ways. In particular, the oil is used as a source for the fuel of lots of things which include the oil lamps that would give a durable flame to counteract the darkness and bring with it the hidden hazards.

What map is brimstone good on? ›

Bind – The Beloved Map

Bind stands out as the top choice among Brimstone mains. Its tight corridors and easily controllable sites make it a favorable playground for the fiery agent. Several players expressed their satisfaction with Bind, especially when executing post-plant lineups with Brimstone's smokes and molly.

Where on earth can you find brimstone? ›

Brimstone, the biblical name for sulfur, is often found near hot springs and volcanic fissures on Earth's surface (above).

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