Bleach TYBW Cour 2 Episode 9: Release Date, Preview (2024)

Ichigo has a blazing return in episode 8 of Bleach TYBW Cour 2, titled “The Headless Star.”

It was an epic episode with everything fans were waiting for. Ichigo’s entry was as exciting as the manga’s, and his battle against the Sternritter girls was done well.

The quartet failed to land even a single blow on him. However, Ichigo was left shocked when he saw Ishida beside Yhwach. He was desperate to get answers from Uryu but instead got attacked by him.

It turns out that Ichigo’s entry was as epic as a mistake. It opened a gate for Yhwach to go to the Royal Palace and deal with the Soul King.

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1. Episode 9 Release Date

I. Is Bleach TYBW Cour 2 on break this week?

2. Episode 9 Speculations

3. Episode 8 Recap

4. Where to Watch Bleach TYBW Cour 2?

5. About Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War

1. Episode 9 Release Date

Episode 9 of the Bleach TYBW Cour 2 anime has been released on Saturday, Sep 09, 2023. The episode title or preview has not been shown.

It is a weekly anime, and each new episode is released every Saturday. You can watch Bleach TYBW Cour 2 On Hulu, Disney+ Series.

I. Is Bleach TYBW Cour 2 on break this week?

Yes, episode 9 of Bleach TYBW Cour 2 is on a break this week. The episode will be released on the above-mentioned date.

2. Episode 9 Speculations

Yhwach will face the Royal Guards as Ichigo will try to protect the Soul King in episode 9 of Bleach TYBW Cour 2.

It is all just the beginning, and I can’t wait to see what’s coming next. Yhwach will reach the Royal Palace and will fight all the Royal Guards on his own. However, he will also be accompanied by his strongest soldiers.

These soldiers weren’t there during the invasion, and Yhwach saved them for the big battle. The fate of the Soul King is in danger, and we can expect the worst to happen.

3. Episode 8 Recap

Zaraki searches for Yachru after the battle. He finds her batch lying in the ruins and orders his subordinates to find her. Suddenly, they all are attacked by Liltotto, Meninas McAllon, Catnip Candice, and Giselle.

All of Zaraki’s subordinates are crushed, sliced, burned, and eaten up. Zaraki attacks them, but he is too weak to cause any damage. They easily corner him and pin him down.

They are about to kill him when everyone senses a powerful spiritual pressure. Just then, someone crash lands on Seireitei. The quartet tries to find who crashed, but Ichigo Kurosaki is already standing before Zaraki.

Bleach TYBW Cour 2 Episode 9: Release Date, Preview (1)

They are left shocked by his speed. Ichigo tells Zaraki that he is there to save him. The girls attack him, but Kurosaki throws them away with ease. Catnip gets frustrated and goes to attack her alone.

Yhwach senses Ichigo’s presence and tells Uryu and Jugram that it is time for it to begin. (“it” here is unknown). The girls try their best against Ichigo but cannot even put a scratch on him.

After Catnip gets beaten up, the rest three use Sklave Rai to transform into their ultimate forms. The battle goes on for some time, but they still fail to get any success.

Bleach TYBW Cour 2 Episode 9: Release Date, Preview (2)

Frustrated, Catnip transforms into her Skalve Rai form and launches a big attack on him. Ichigo uses Getsuga Jujisho to counter the attack. Seeing Catnip unhinged, he tells her to dodge, but she refuses.

As a result, she gets her hand blown away. She tells Giselle to heal her. After healing, she rushes to attack again, but Bazz-B fires a beam at her, putting her down.

He says that he is there to take the glory of defeating Ichigo. Some other Sternritters also show up, and everyone gangs up against Kurosaki. Suddenly, Kurosaki sees a huge beam of light.

Bleach TYBW Cour 2 Episode 9: Release Date, Preview (3)

Yhwach thanks Ichigo for opening the gate to the Royal Palace for him. It is revealed that the coat Ichigo was wearing was specially made to protect him from the 72-barrier membrane between Seireitei and the palace.

However, it has also led to an opening in the shield, which takes 6000 seconds to close. Yhwach prepares to leave for the palace. Ichigo rushes at him, but the other Sternritters attack him.

He is almost cornered when Renji shows up and tells him to move on. The Sternritters rush at him, but the other Soul Reapers also show up to stop them. Ichigo is shocked to see Ishida beside Yhwach.

Bleach TYBW Cour 2 Episode 9: Release Date, Preview (4)

Ishida tells him to go back, or he will waste his life. Ichigo asks him what he is doing, but Ishida bombards him with numerous arrows. Some arrows hit Ichigo, but Chad and Orihime arrive at the right time to protect him.

Ishida turns their back on them, and the three Quincies set out for the Royal Palace.

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4. Where to Watch Bleach TYBW Cour 2?

Watch Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War on:

  • Bleach TYBW Cour 2 Episode 9: Release Date, Preview (5)
  • Bleach TYBW Cour 2 Episode 9: Release Date, Preview (6)

5. About Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War is the final arc of the Bleach franchise. It premiered on October 11, 2022, and its 52 episodes are streamed by Hulu.

The arc deals with Yhwach, the leader of the Quincies, who has declared war on the Soul Society. Ichigo and the Soul Reapers will face this despicable enemy.

Hollows and Soul Society residents are disappearing, and Ichigo needs to defeat Yhwach before he lays waste to the entire universe.

Bleach TYBW Cour 2 Episode 9: Release Date, Preview (2024)


Bleach TYBW Cour 2 Episode 9: Release Date, Preview? ›

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Part 2 Episode 9 will be released on september 9, 2023.

Why is Bleach episode 9 delayed? ›

Rather than releasing Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Part 2 Episode 9 as scheduled, the creators of the beloved anime series have decided to air a special recap episode today. This recap episode will consolidate the highlights of the first 8 episodes from this ongoing season.

When Bleach TYBW Part 2 release? ›

Sequel to "Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War" coming July 8, 2023, with intriguing storylines and character developments.

Where is episode 9 of Bleach TYBW? ›

Bleach TYBW part 2 episode 9 can be streamed on Hulu in the USA. Moreover, the episode will also be available for streaming on the top-rated streaming platform like Disney+ in selected countries, including Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, among others others.

How many episodes will Bleach Cour 2 have? ›

This ongoing installment of Bleach TYBW is slated to release 13 episodes. The above table shows the Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Part 2 release schedule. However, the date and time of the episodes are subject to change if Studio Pierrot announces them in the future.

What will happen in Bleach TyBW season 2 episode 9? ›

In this episode, Ichigo will promise to bring Uryu back. Renji and other Soul Reapers will fight Bazz-B and other Sternritters. One unexpected character will come back, and a fan-favorite character will finally appear in the Great War. Mayuri Kurotsuchi will also join the Soul Reapers in battle.

Can you skip episode 33 of Bleach? ›

The Filler-Only Bleach Episodes That Can Be Safely Skipped

There are no filler-only episodes, though a few episodes within the first 30 have a little filler built into some of them. However, the first true filler episode arrives early in the "Soul Society" story arc with Episode 33, "Miracle!

Is Bleach on Disney+? ›

Watch Bleach | Full episodes | Disney+ For as long as he can remember, Ichigo Kurosaki has been able to see ghosts. But when he meets Rukia, a Soul Reaper who battles evil spirits known as Hollows, he finds his life is changed forever.

Where can I watch Bleach Cour 2? ›

Watch Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War — Season 2 with a subscription on Hulu, or buy it on Fandango at Home.

Is Bleach TYBW Part 3 coming out? ›

An electrifying revelation has sent ripples of excitement through the global community of Bleach anime enthusiasts as Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Part 3 – The Conflict has been officially announced for release in 2024.

How old is Ichigo in TYBW? ›

In the anime, at the first, he is 15. Post-timeskip, he is 17.

How many episodes are left of TYBW? ›

Currently, 24 episodes total have aired - 11 of those in the second season. That means there are two more to go in this cour. After that, we expect another 25 episodes to run across 2023 and 2024, bringing it to 52 total.

Does Rukia appear in TYBW? ›

Having seen her from the beginning of the series until now, Rukia's display of her Bankai in the 19th overall episode of the Thousand-Year Blood War adaptation closed a chapter in her life and showed immense growth not only for Rukia, but her brother as well.

Is Bleach cour 2 good? ›

Right away, Bleach fans were amazed by the new anime's incredible production values, from its high-def visuals and good sound design to lush colors and smoothly animated battles. The arc's first 13 episodes also impressed fans with its brutal war story and hard-hitting plot twists, and that trend continued in Cour 2.

Will Bleach end after tybw? ›

Part 2 of Thousand-Year Blood War revealed Shinji's Bankai, showing fans what it looks like in action. The anime has gone to great lengths to fix parts of the manga that many fans felt were disappointing, leading to Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War being the definitive ending of the series.

What is the last arc of Bleach? ›

The final arc of Bleach is called the Thousand-Year Blood War arc. In this arc, Ichigo Kurosaki, and his friends fight against the Quincy army led by Yhwach.

When bleach tybw part 3 release? ›

An electrifying revelation has sent ripples of excitement through the global community of Bleach anime enthusiasts as Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Part 3 – The Conflict has been officially announced for release in 2024.

Is Bleach Season 9 filler? ›

The season is an original, self-contained filler story arc that focuses on the introduction of a new Soul Reaper captain, Shūsuke Amagai, and the mystery surrounding the Kasumiōji clan, one of the families that constitute the nobility of Soul Society.

Why did Bleach stop releasing episodes? ›

Many fans feel that the original Bleach anime was canceled due to low sales and ratings. While it's partly true, the definite reason was more than that. Interestingly, the anime was never meant to be canceled. Instead, it went on a long hiatus, which eventually led to the series' cancellation.

When bleach tybw part 1 release? ›

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War
Original networkTV Tokyo
Original releaseOctober 11, 2022 – present
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